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Returning to the office after COVID-19 will involve learning a new set of behaviours and working in new ways. KKS are experts in design and planning, which enables us to provide you with the most effective solutions to adapt, evolve and improve your workplace.


Workplace Post-Covid 19 – Trends, Predictions, Facts

This whitepaper explores current trends, predictions and facts and what they mean for the future of the workplace.


The Blueprint: Work

The End of the Office? Katrina Kostic Samen looks to the flexible future of work and business with Ballymore.


Rethinking the office

Katrina Kostic Samen discusses the role of the office and how offices will change as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We explore attitudes to working remotely, the return to the office debate and the importance of office culture and transforming workspaces.


The Future of the Law Firm Workplace

Katrina Kostic Samen joins John Waters, Executive Director at Covington & Burling LLP and David Crew, Head of Corporate Real Estate at Hogan Lovells, to discuss the impact of remote work on the future of the legal office.


The Bottom Line – How We Work Now – Lessons From Lockdown

Zoom meetings and working from home. Two habits which office workers have picked up during the enforced lockdown. But will these behaviours habits stick? Katrina Kostic Samen gives her thoughts to Evan Davis.


Savills – What will the workplace look like after COVID-19?

Katrina Kostic Samen joins Savills colleagues Jon Gardiner, Cal Lee and Eri Mitsostergiou to examine the future of work and the role of the workplace following COVID-19.


Women in Property – Agile and flexible working: What does the future have in store for office workers?

Katrina Kostic Samen discusses how workplaces and habits could, and possibly should, evolve over time following Covid-19.


NLA – Back to the office

Katrina Kostic Samen speaks to Amy Till about the challenges facing those transitioning back into office buildings, and how Covid-19 may impact the future of the way we work long-term.


Life after lockdown

Caroline Pontifex talks to ZDNet on office life and the workplace following COVID-19.


Law Firm Leasing Activity Craters as Industry Rethinks Its Real Estate Footprint

Katrina Kostic Samen speaks to American Lawyer on the future legal workplace following the COVID-19 global pandemic.


Future of work: why Covid-19 has changed the way we use the office forever

Yetta Reardon Smith believes that better-designed workspaces will be a significant factor for employers in both persuading staff to return to the office and attracting new talent.