Plasterboard Supply Chain


Carl Mitchell, Senior Associate is participating in a Project Group led by LandSec which is focusing on the reduction of the standard width of plasterboard from 1200mm to 900mm. Peer pressure from the industry to challenge manufacturers on the size and weight of plasterboards has led to the formalisation of a Plasterboard Supply Chain Project Group. The Group comprises of Clients, HSE, FIS, NAS, Contractors, designers and others. The end goal is to reduce the prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders common in operatives working with plasterboard. These disorders reduce the working life of these workers and could potentially lead to a drain on skilled labour within this sector.

Carl is also due to participate in a separate Forum led by the FIS which will concentrate on establishing compliance to specification of plasterboard products. The tragic fire at Grenfell House is likely to have long term consequences for the Construction industry. The industry has a significant problem confirming that installations meet the requirements of Building Regulations. The forum will look at how to develop a process where the contractor could prove that the installation meets compliance.