KKS project receives Leesman+ accreditation

We are thrilled that our Landsec HQ project has been given a Leesman+ accreditation.

Landsec have completed their post-completion Leesman survey and reached a workplace satisfaction score of 81.7 Lmi. This is the highest score ever recorded in the Index alongside one other organisation in Denmark. The pre-occupancy score was 56.6 – a 44% increase in satisfaction.

The Leesman+ certification is awarded to workplaces that score 70 Lmi or above (and meet other Leesman+ criteria) on Leesman’s performance scale. An increasing number of organisations are now positioning the Leesman+ certification as a strategic target – to develop a workplace programme that can consistently deliver high performance.

You can find out more about Leesman+ here.

Read more about our Landsec project here.