Katrina Kostic Samen opens the ‘All Change’, ISG Smart Series event

ISG host ‘All Change’, to explore key questions including; how do we build an inclusive workplace? How do we design a working environment that values and empowers its workforce? And are our workplaces set up to be inclusive for diverse workforces?

The 2018 British Council of Offices (BCO) conference explored ‘building communities for occupiers’, and the messages emanating from the event highlight that offices are more than just a place of work – they are a community, and a destination for its people.

Katrina Kostic Samen, the President of the BCO opened the seminar to explore ‘designing for diversity’, and was followed by Asif Sadiq, head of diversity and inclusiveness for EY, and finally, Laura Brown of Investec.

More information on ISG Smart Series: All Change can be viewed here.

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The KKS White Paper, Diverse Workforce | Inclusive Environments can be downloaded from this page.

As well as the established diversity profiles of gender, generation, disability, ethnicity & culture, lifestyle and religion the KKS White Paper details the importance of understanding neurodiversity.