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Before the market asks costly questions, we find the answers.


Because we know what occupiers want, we know what developments need.


To ensure buildings incorporate what occupiers value, we take their perspective, then draw on our expertise to translate their needs to architects and technical teams.


We test fit and evaluate schemes and consider occupational densities to optimise floorplate efficiency for target occupiers. We collaborate on core placement and effective M&E integration. We benchmark buildings against competitors.



Every business is different. Understanding why is the key to making space fit for purpose.


Efficiency studies. Workplace protocols. Change management. Building selection.


We work with occupiers to gain a clear picture of their space, work practices, organisational culture, values and brand.


We add our experience and expertise on best practice and latest trends, and create a road map for how they want to work in the future.


We collaborate with our designers and technical experts. Together we translate concepts into workspace reality that supports individual and business performance, business aspirations and brand.






Cat A Fit Out & Cat B Interior Architecture


We understand that interior architecture affects every aspect of life and business: space should enhance what we do, and how we want to be.


We listen to our clients talk about their lives and business before we design their space.


From brief to build, our designs ensure space fit for purpose, from welcoming client receptions to flexible ceiling configurations.


Every project starts from first principles, quality and attention to detail. Our focus is always client value.






Learn from the past, evaluate the present and apply to the future!


Good real estate decisions are informed decisions. The focus of our research & analysis is on identifying and addressing the issues that make property decisions complex and problematical.


Specialist expertise of KKS partners and associates includes sustainability, base build specification and law firm workspace evolution.


Our aim is to create valuable, practical outputs that developers, occupiers and architects need to resolve them.


We believe in completing the full circle of strategy, design and thought leadership. Each project should inform the next.






Change management is achieved by a full understanding of a client’s concerns and working closely with you both pre- and post-move to develop protocols and manage the change process. Our change management and communications strategies encompass your vision and values and are delivered through diverse, engaging and innovative channels.